Why Buckwheat Pillows are Better

The Asian culture has realized the benefits from sleeping on buckwheat hull pillows for centuries.  These pillows are now trendy everywhere with good reasons.  Hulls do not flatten or require you to fluff and shift your pillow all night.  They are 99 percent dust free.  They are hypoallergenic and dust mites won’t live in them if you shift the hulls around frequently.

Buckwheat pillows are stuffed with buckwheat hulls rather than the typical memory foam, gel foam, other foams, or down feathers from geese and ducks.

Buckwheat is not a wheat product. Not to be confused with bulgur wheat, buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) is grown for its seeds that are a grain and used as a cover crop by some farmers.  It is not related to wheat as the name might imply, but is related to some pasture weeds such as knotweed and sorrel.  It’s also related to delicious-to-eat rhubarb.  Since the seeds are edible and loaded with complex carbohydrates, it is often considered a false cereal by some cultures.

Buckwheat pillows are popular today for its many organic health benefits and desirable qualities.

  • Not everyone takes into account that feather pillows come from living birds who tragically die giving up their feathers, or are allowed to live having their feathers plucked out until they bleed and hurt just to do it all over again when their feathers are mature again. Foam pillows are made of synthetic materials that can cause problems for people with allergies or asthma, sleep apnea, and they are sometimes like sleeping on a rock.


  • Environmentally Practical

The buckwheat hulls usually last a long time.  They can be revitalized by putting in the sunshine every couple of months.  When it is time to give it up, it can be used as compost being biodegradable or simply tossed in the flower or garden beds.

Synthetic foam pillows do not contour to your body; thus, they do not adjust the way you want them to be.  Buckwheat pillows can be reshaped, and resized to fit your body positon.


  • Comfortable and Supportive

Naturopathy is an alternative naturopathic medicine that is natural, noninvasive, and self-healing for those wanting to get away from traditional methods.  Naturopaths acclaim buckwheat pillows to be beneficial.  The hulls offer airflow so you are not hot to sleep better.  Hulls support the neck and back better than fluffier pillows do and they contour to your head and neck for excellent support.


  • Size and Shape

The zippered cover is removable to adjust the hulls to your satisfaction.  They are offered in full-length body pillows, keyboard arm/wrist rests, standard, queen, and king bed pillow sizes.  Chiropractors, physical therapists, and doctors praise the buckwheat pillows.  The shapes are many from bolsters, square, rectangular, and more.

Kids’ pillows are cute and comfy just for them and they love to hug, cuddle, and sleep on them.  The hulls are more beneficial to their developing neck and head too.


  • Health Gains

Practitioners advise buckwheat pillows to relieve partial or total lumbar and cervical dislocation (subluxation), and in chiropractic, mechanical obstacles to nerve functioning.  They will lessen snoring, insomnia, muscle tension, neck aches, back pain, migraines, headaches, and give comfort.  Some buckwheat pillows have herbs or flowers for aroma.

Buckwheat can be made cold by putting in the refrigerator or freezer for more cold therapy when it’s hot outside.  They can also be put in the microwave for warm therapy.

Being able to conform to your body’s shape, the contoured orthopedic pillows made of buckwheat hulls help to keep your neck and spine aligned for a good night’s sleep.

Buckwheat has no polyurethane or polyester that is in foam pillows that emit toxins.  The hulls contain no animal byproducts for vegans and are very comfortable.

Buckwheat hulls can be purchased in boxes to replace yours from time-to-time.  The pillows are not costly usually around $50 and under for typical sizes.  It is recommended that you put a pillowcase over the covering for hygiene.

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