When Can a Baby Sleep with a Blanket?

When Can a Baby Sleep with a Blanket

One worst nightmare for many parents of a newborn baby is the SIDS or the sudden infant death syndrome. Although it is preventable, there are still those who fail and lead to the SIDS. While the number decreases on the SIDS, one common mistake pointed out as the cause of infant death is the use of baby blankets on baby during bedtimes.

According to studies, accidental suffocation in infants is due to the use of blankets, pillows, and crib beddings. At their infant age, they are not yet able to remove the blanket or pillows or quilts from their face, which is the reason why they are suffocated. If you think your baby would be better off sleeping with a blanket, think again.

When is the right time for your baby to sleep with a blanket?

  • Once the baby learned to roll over – When the baby crawls and rolls on his or her own, it only shows that the baby has a good control of his head. As the baby gets older months by months, he will also develop and learn how to kick off the sheets away from his face. But of course, there is still a need for parents and adults to supervise them all the time. When sleeping at night and you know that you cannot watch over him the whole night, it is best to keep the blankets away from his crib.

A nice sleeping bag is safer, too, just make sure that there is no fire hazard in it or that it comes with efficient ventilation. Pillows and stuff toys are also to be put away during bedtimes so that there is nothing that will cause him suffocation.

  • Once he learned to remove the blanket by himself – When the baby removes the blanket himself, it means that he can now use his baby blankets when sleeping. It is a good sign that the baby’s development is progressing and that his hands are moving accordingly. Although there are moms who use blankets for their newborn up their first three months, most of them stop doing so when the baby is about four to five months old until the first birthday. This is because, as the baby grows, he also tends to change sleeping positions a lot of times each night. To prevent the SIDS, many pediatricians recommend parents to take the blankets and other stuffs when the baby sleeps.

The right age to allow the baby to have the blankets may vary according to his or her abilities to move and use the sensory motors skills. Some babies are able to move the blanket by themselves at an early stage of infancy, but some babies need more time to develop this.

  • Once the doctor confirms it– The risks of the SIDS actually decreases over time as the baby grows older. But to confirm whether the baby is old enough, it is best to ask the doctor or pediatrician. Consult your doctor and let him know the progress of the baby. Based on the development of the baby, the doctor can tell when it is the right time already for your baby to use blankets. The doctors recommend parents to keep babies away from blankets, pillows, and other unnecessary bedding stuffs. The blankets will be useful and helpful when the baby is ready for it, or when the baby grows up and develops accordingly to move on his own.

There are so many baby blankets that are seen and offered at different baby boutique stores. This gives the assumption that, just because they are offered in baby gifts stores would mean that they are safe for all babies. It is still best to know more about what is safe and not when picking things for the baby. Most moms automatically include the blankets when shopping for the baby, thinking that they would need something to keep them warm at night. The fact is, the baby does not really need a blanket as warmer because they are naturally warm, and using a blanket will only give them discomfort. The best way to keep them comfortable is to wrap them in a soft and clean overall baby dress or onesies. Safety and precautionary measures should always be maximized.

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