How to choose a good neck pillow?

How to choose a good neck pillow?

How to choose a good neck pillow?

The neck is such an integral part of the body. In fact, it’s one of the strongest because it holds the weight of the head for most of the day. Part of the spinal column is also placed in the rear area of the neck, as well as a bunch of organs. With all this work, the neck deserves to get some rest and relaxation, especially when it’s time to sleep.

So how can you let the neck rest from all the work that it’s done for the day? Well, you can make sure that the pillow that you’re laying your head on at night would support the neck, as well. But you can further the support that you are giving when you get a pillow that would really allow you to keep the neck as well supported as possible.

But is choosing a pillow for the neck a difficult activity? Will you truly benefit from another pillow? Frankly, there are many types of neck pillows on the market. There are water pillows, traction pillows, pillows for side sleepers and foam pillows. Just thinking about these types of pillows can make your head spin. So, which of these would be able to help you the most?

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Determine your sleeping position

When it comes to choosing the right pillow for your neck, you have to know which position you’re most comfortable with as you lie down and as you get ready to sleep. If you sleep in all positions, then you would need a pillow that has surfaces that will be able to provide comfort for back and side sleeping. The Tri-Core pillow lets you sleep on its rolls when you sleep on your back and on the wing areas when you choose to sleep on your side.

People who sleep mostly on their back need pillows that aren’t too bulky. Having a firm pillow would put strain on your neck because your head would be pushed forward in misalignment with your body. Thin pillows would allow you to rest your head and neck and let these areas sink slightly in the pillow.

Side sleepers actually need pillows that are a bit firmer. Having such a pillow would allow some distance between the ear and the outsole of the shoulder.

The most impractical way to sleep is on your stomach or the prone position. It is not recommended because it may cause a lot of strain on your internal organs, such as your lungs, stomach and circulation. But there are people who are actually comfortable with such a position, so what they need is a pillow that’s very thin. There are even those who don’t want any head support when sleeping on the stomach at all, but what’s needed is a soft pillow under the stomach to prevent any back pain.

The wrong and right pillows for back and side sleepers

Get your pillow size

When it comes to the size of the pillow that you will get for yourself, it’s more important to know how it would ultimately help you rather than how it would fit your liking. For this, you have to take into consideration your height and your weight. If you are a bigger person, then you would need a bigger pillow. Thankfully, there are pillows that come in many sizes.

Know what’s inside your pillow

There are many types of filling for the many different pillows on the market. There are those that have water as the filling, fiber, down-feather, and even memory foam. You also have to know if any of these filling would fit your lifestyle and your health. You don’t want to get a feather-filled pillow if you have allergies or asthma, do you?

  • Memory Foam

This type of filling is actually one of the most well-known in the market. This foam would allow you to be as comfortable as you can because it follows the shape of your body, thus lessening the pressure points on the surface of the pillow.

  • Fiber Pillow

A fiber pillow is what you want to get if you desire an alternative to down pillows. It’s not a very pricey product, so you can access it anytime. But pillows that have lesser price might also have lesser structural integrity, which means they might not last long. Still, it’s comfortable for the head and neck.

  • Down/Feather Pillow

When it comes to getting a very well-earned rest during the sleeping hours, many experts actually make it a point to recommend this pillow to people. The filling is highly adjustable; you can shift the amount of filling in a specific area that you want.

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