Eat Well, Rest Well: The Healthy Diet for Great Sleep

Sleeping is a luxury that many adults struggle to appreciate. When insomnia kicks in, the wish of a good night’s sleep is thrown out of the window. If you spend most of the night tossing and turning in your bed, it is time to act on your disorder and fix it for good. However, it is never easy to go to bed anytime of the night and sleep like a child. You need to work on a lot of aspects in your life just to achieve sweet dreams again. If you feel that you can still rewind your circadian cycle back to its original, restorative state, you better start right away and be consistent in your efforts.

The Healthy Diet for Great Sleep

According to people, there are secrets to better sleep quality. These include physical activities during the day, a healthy diet, comfort, stress management and sleep rituals. Other people throw in pills to the mix for good measure. However, sleep medicines are not recommended, especially if you are just suffering from the early stages of insomnia. If you can still change your sleeping pattern, it is best to go all natural.

Why a healthy diet?

Apart from sleeping rituals and physical activities, it is best to take care of what you eat. A healthy diet does not only improve physical and mental aspects of your body, but also induce a fitful slumber. Recent studies show that a grumbling stomach would keep you from catching the much-needed shuteye. However, being too full causes negative impacts to sleep as well. If you don’t watch what you eat during the day, your appetite will be messed up in the evening.

Aside from improving your eating habits, there are also food that are known to lead to a successful slumber. By choosing healthy food over junk, the odds of having a good night’s rest are increased significantly.

4 step diet

Food with Positive Sleep Benefits

Before you start planning for an all-day diet to affect your sleep positively, consider these food suggestions:


Vitamin B6 is crucial in the production of melatonin, a hormone that induces sleep when darkness falls. Fish, especially tuna, salmon and halibut, are rich in Vitamin B6, so eating them during the day will surely secure an easy sleeping time at night. Those who suffer from insomnia should not expect to sleep immediately, but they would feel an improvement to their sleep quality when fish is finally established in their diets.

Jasmine Rice

High-glycemic index meals that are combined with carbohydrates increase the rate of Tryptophan, a sleep inducing amino acid in the body. When the mind absorb more of this amino acid, the mind is easily set for sleeping, so there won’t be any trouble of tossing and turning when the lights go off. Jasmine rice is known to have a high-glycemic index, so insulin and Tryptophanare easily produced.

Tart Cherry Juice

The sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin, is found to be rich in tart cherry juice. Insomnia is relatively remedied by beverage better than anything else. In fact, adults suffering from chronic insomnia only need to drink a glass full of tart cherry juice twice in a day to lift the severity of their sleeping disorder. However, the juice does not really cure insomnia, but only provide relief.


There is a research study that shows that the difficulty of falling asleep is linked to being calcium-deficient. In order to combat this, you need to boost your calcium intake daily with yogurt and other milk-based food. A healthy dose of calcium will not only secure a good rest, but also help during your body’s restorative cycle.

Whole Grains

Apart from calcium, lacking in magnesium is also linked to the difficulty of staying asleep. Sleep fragmentation is a common problem among adults and results in poor quality of sleep. Consuming barley, bulgur and other whole grains will do the trick to improve magnesium levels in the body.


Green leafy vegetables, like collards and kale, also boost calcium intake. If you are lactose-intolerant, consuming daily products would be a pain. Your best alternative are the greens, and you can get more vitamins than just calcium.


According to the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, vitamin B6 is also sourced from bananas. Aside from better melatonin production for a good amount of shuteye, you also get the benefit of getting a healthy dose of potassium.


Chickpeas are also highly recommended for better rest quality because it provides a healthy dose of vitamin B6. When the body produces more melatonin, there is a higher chance that the brain will absorb it and tune the body for sleep when darkness comes.

Fortified Cereals

Fortified cereals are rich in vitamins, including B6. Similar to the other food mentioned above, this can also induce better sleeping time, thanks to it triggering the melatonin production.

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