Why Should We Go to Sleep On Time?

Why should we go to sleep on time

Scientist and researches worldwide estimate that the earth’s population is now having an average of one hour less sleep per individual and this sleep deprivation is affecting one’s needed sleep to become healthy. This statistic may seem slight when seen individually, but looking globally with a nightly 7.2 Billion hours sleep debt is something to be alarmed of with respect to human health and wellbeing.

This serious sleep debt can be a major reason in car accidents, damage of properties, loss of careers, marital problems and even loss of lives. Sleep deprivation or not getting enough sleep affects their overall health and span of life. Such sleep deficit can lower the efficiency of one’s immune system making a person susceptible to various diseases and infections.

Most healthy adults need about eight hours of sleep every night to regain full physical condition, emotional stability and cognitive efficiency. Therefore, enough sleep is a sound and wise investment because it surely helps in better concentration, memory retention and increased learning ability. On the other hand, if you regularly lack or decrease the required amount of your sleep, your learning process will become slow, errors are high, countless accidents would arise and irritability would be inevitable as well.

Understanding Sleep Debt

Sleep debt occurs when a person does not get the right amount of sleep required to become healthy and fit. This can be a decision of depriving oneself of healthful sleep voluntarily as a result of active lifestyle and work activities, or certain involuntary reasons caused by a particular health problem.

People who do not sleep on time or often get sleep deficits are unaware of its serious outcomes. The lowering of their thinking abilities and drowsiness are primarily the obvious manifestations of sleep debt or sleep deprivation. Studies show that any sleep less than eight hours are sure to affect a person’s mental ability including alertness and reaction to time.

Even occasional sleep deprivation can be fatal and disastrous. On one case of an experienced driver, who did not get enough sleep the previous nights, crashed his 18-wheeler truck and spilling some four hundred liters of sulfuric acid onto a major highway. His reason was he had fallen asleep. Studies conducted on two highways in the U.S. estimated that sleepy and drowsy drivers are the main reasons for some fifty percent of serious road accidents.

The Occupational Dangers of Not Getting Enough Sleep

Consider also the work hazards if you are working with sleepy persons or you yourself is sleepy working. An Australian researcher states that a person without sleep for at least 17 hours is equivalent or even worse than a person with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.05 percent. Meaning, these sleepy persons are as dangerous as those with an illegal level of alcohol content in their blood.

With this in mind, getting enough sleep is a must not only for a person’s well being but most importantly within the work environment you are in because safety may be affected and fatal accidents will be widespread.

Factors Contributing to Sleep Dept that You Must Avoid

What factors contribute to the problems of sleep debt and deprivation? One factor is the prevalence of 24-hour services and round-the-clock labor shifts. Call centers serving countries with different time zones also play a major role. In many countries, people spend their leisure hours watching television or internet programs all night long.

24-hour internet access and retailers, as well as service providers, are tampering our biological clock the unhealthy way. They continually provide their services when people should be sleeping during those hours.

Another factor involves the emotional stress and disorders, anxieties caused by economic problems and the fast pace of lifestyle.  Lastly, sleep is very much affected nowadays with various illnesses commonly curable and some uncommonly incurable.

Worst than these factors that we really must avoid is the popular belief and consideration that sleep deprivation is a status symbol and sign of industriousness. The effects of their sleep problems even get more serious without knowing them as they try to reason out that it is because they are getting old, having stressful work and other similar reasons without considering the real factor which is not getting enough sleep.

Getting a Good Night Sleep Right on Time

Sleep specialists recommend sleeping in a secure place that is quiet with dark surroundings and a comfortable bed according to your needs. You can use a mattress topper or a memory foam pillow to induce a sound sleep. Avoid having long naps within the day even though you have had poor sleep the previous night. Keep awake until you get sleepy on your usual bedtime.

Caffeinated drinks before going to bed will just keep you awake. Watching television programs, movies or internet videos or even reading books while in bed will surely cut your sleeping time to its half.

Make sure that at least four hours have elapsed after you ate your dinner to give time to your body to digest and metabolize before going to bed. Avoid heavy meals and strenuous exercise routines before bedtime. Always maintain a regular schedule for sleeping to help synchronize your body and biological clock to acquire a good rhythm to your sleeping and awakening time.

For some individuals, taking a warm bath or reading a wholesome and sensible topic is helpful. Avoid exciting or horror movies that may tend to keep you awake or bothered.  Although generally speaking, these tips will be insufficient without proper nutrition and moderate exercise on a regular basis. A balanced life that is free from anxieties and frustrations caused by greediness, jealousy and self-centered ambitions, is an important contributing factor that will help you get a good night sleep.

A Ton of Good Reasons to Go to Sleep on Time

Solving the global problem of sleep debt and deprivation is not an easy task. It is complicated and complex than anyone can imagine. However, understanding the benefits of a complete and healthy sleep will help us realize its importance to good health and well being.

Accepting the fact that sleep debt can cause so many problems not only physically but also emotionally, socially and occupationally will guide us to seriously consider going to sleep on time and allow your body to recharge, regenerate, recuperate and restore to its normal levels. Yes, recognizing the effects and symptoms of an ordinary to serious sleep disorder can save lives and that life can probably yours or your family members.

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