What is Memory Foam Mattress Topper? Do they work?

A great night’s rest could allow you the benefit of having a great day ahead. It’s a good way to just replenish your energy and prepare your body for the day ahead. But what if sleep doesn’t seem to play in your favor? What if sleep eludes you?

Well, you must have heard of this new kind of foam that would help people get a better night’s rest. You probably have heard the words ‘memory foam’ and you’re probably wondering if it could improve the quality of your sleep. There are people who enjoy the purpose of the memory foam and there are those who aren’t really that enthusiastic about it.

So, what’s a memory foam and how does it work? Will it actually help you get a new way to sleep soundly and just wake up to a great day ahead of you? Here is important information you can use to assist you in determining the facts and uses for this popular type of mattress topper.

What is memory foam?

What is memory foam?

The memory foam actually dates back to the 1960s, where NASA would use them to make the seats for airplanes. The foam itself is made from a material that is known as viscoelastic, which is a super soft material that can absorb energy.

What the foam does is that it molds itself to the shape of the body that is placed on it. When a person applies heat and pressure on it—both of which are prominent in a person’s body—it would respond to such occurrences and conform to the shape, enabling a stable distribution of body weight. The interesting thing about memory foams is that they would immediately get back to their original shape and state once the pressure and weight has been removed.

So what memory foam actually does is that it protects people from any impact. That’s the initial purpose of NASA. Another property that the memory foam has is that it can be very comfortable and people have actually observed such an affectation. After it has been used by NASA, it has also expanded to many industries, like athletic gear and footwear. The field of medicine has also made use of memory foam. Hospitals use memory foam mattresses and pads to support people with limb damage, disability, sensitive body parts.

Suffice it to say that memory foams have taken flight and a lot of people actually use it now. It’s not exclusively used for everyday items or for sick patients, even people at home use memory foams. They put it on top of their mattresses and they can enjoy a new way to enjoy their nights.

The goodness of memory foams

Studies have been made to capture the legitimacy of the claims stating that memory foams give people better sleeping habits, but people are actually divided by preference, so it’s cannot actually be determined. Most of the data would just be subjective and people can’t be fooled by experiments such as the placebo effect because memory foams are highly distinguishable from regular mattress foam.

Benefits of Memory Foam

Still, there are people who actually enjoy the feel and the newness of the memory foam. A memory foam, being a material that would conform to the natural shape of the body, could lessen the chances of a person waking up to find a better position when sleeping because they’ll already be in a comfortable position. These toppers also don’t have any springs, so whenever a person moves, only the foam would react, so the sound would be kept at minimum.

So, memory foams already have positive effects to people who enjoy them. There are those who still prefer traditional mattresses because they are actually more comfortable with them, but it’s still rooted to the preference of the person. There are those who want a firmer surface on which to sleep. And there are those who like to lie down on a softer and more agreeable surface that would adjust to the weight and positioning.

It’s a relatively new wave, memory foam mattresses and toppers. People are still getting to know this technology and the mainstream beds are still those that are standard foams. But it could be something interesting as memory foams are getting all the hype these days.

How Does a Topper Work?

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