How to Clean a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Memory foams are getting all the hype and more people are getting their own memory foams for their own beds. While the mattress is the main source of cushioning, the memory foam can be a helpful tool in ensuring the comfort of your body throughout your sleeping time.


But over time, memory foam mattress toppers can become dirty. That is quite inevitable as it now essentially becomes the main material that is exposed to the environment. Bed sheets may protect the foam, but you cannot deny the risk of having dust or stains invade your memory foam.

Maybe it’s time to freshen up your memory foam. After all, you can only get a good night’s sleep if all of the things you need for sleeping are clean and well-arranged. Even these amazing contraptions for comfort need to be cleaned and tended.

Remove the dust

Clean a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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Even if you don’t see it, dust actually clings on more to fabrics. Sometimes we are too focused on the dust on the furniture that we tend to neglect the things that we use most, like our beds. Memory foam mattress toppers can accumulate dust to some degree, so you would need to remove it.

a. Take it out

You would need to take the memory foam off the bed and place it on a flat surface that is preferably near a window.

b. Use a vacuum cleaner

While it is easier and more convenient to blow or slap the dust off your memory foam, it would be counterproductive because that tends to only transfer the dust to other places in your house. A vacuum cleaner would just be right because it would just suction the dust and keep it in its container. The vacuum can also reach deep into the foam, reaching particles that are hard to get.

Clean Any Stains

For this part of the cleaning, you would need some mild laundry detergent, some clean cloth preferably made of cotton, a spray bottle, and some water. You don’t need to soak your entire foam because it tends to just keep the water inside for a long time. Soot, mildew and mold might result in a foam that’s soaked for longer periods of time.

c. Spot clean obvious areas

If your memory foam has areas that are stained, then you would need to focus on them first. You would need to soak the cotton cloth with water and apply some laundry detergent on it. With the cloth, clean out the spots on your memory foam until the stain has been removed.

d. Use a spray to wash the surface

Remember that you don’t want to soak the entire foam in the water. You need to mix one part of the laundry detergent with two parts warm water. Once this has been done, you can already spray the entire surface of your foam topper.

Don’t be too enthusiastic about spraying the surface as it can become too soaked. You would need to let the solution stay for a few hours.

e. Get rid of the detergent solution

Using a cloth that’s dampened with clean water, you would then press the detergent solution off the mattress until all the chemicals are removed. It would be necessary to rinse off the cloth once in a while.

f. Clean the other side

Flip over the memory foam mattress topper and repeat the entire process for the other side. You would need to be as careful with doing the other side as the previous one.

g. Let it dry

You would need to let the memory foam mattress topper dry in an area that is near to the window or just a place that is well-ventilated. Not doing so would keep your foam mattress damp for longer periods of time and you don’t want that to happen. Let it dry for about 24 hours.


While it is good to maintain the cleanliness of your memory foam mattress, you won’t actually know when it will fall victim to too much dust or that substance that can stain it. You would have to clean it sooner or later. Keeping your mattress topper clean would mean a lot, especially when it comes to your comfort and your health.

It is also good to know that a deep clean of your memory foam mattress topper would also be great if you only do it once a year. You don’t have to constantly clean it out unless stains have come in contact with it. Even you, you would only need to clean out the affected part.

Getting the know-how when it comes to cleaning your memory foam products may help you gain new perspective on many things. It is definitely great to maintain cleanliness and orderliness in your life.

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