How to sleep better with lower back pain?

Low back pain can really be a thorn to people who want to get a good night’s sleep. The pain doesn’t go away even if you have rested your back on your otherwise comfy bed. And when back pain and the prospect of sleep come together, well, they actually don’t agree at all. It will be very difficult to sleep when you’re feeling discomfort in your back that no amount of tossing and turning can address. So, here are steps that could help you get some much needed sleep even you have lower back pain.

How to sleep better with lower back pain

Have support for your lower back

Do you observe yourself frequently getting low back pain when you wake up from your night’s rest? Do you feel that your mattress isn’t being good to you? Has your mattress been with you for a long time? There’s a group called the Better Sleep Council and they ask people to check the structural integrity and efficacy of their mattresses every five to seven years.

Yes, you might want to check your mattress if you’re waking up uncomfortable instead of feeling refreshed. There’s even a study in the Journal of Applied Ergonomics that states that 63% of the people who complained of lower back pain when sleeping felt much better upon changing their mattresses.

If you have the funds for a new mattress, then you should search for one that would certainly let you feel more comfortable. You can test out the mattresses that are for sale in stores. Don’t be afraid to take off your footwear and just lie down on one of these mattresses. Just imagine yourself having the mattress in your home. Will it help your sleeping concerns? Will it assist your back in a gratifying way? A firm or moderately firm mattress would be good, especially when desiring one that would last longer.

Modifications to improve your way of sleeping

If you’re still saving for that new mattress, then you should get an alternative method in order to put more life into your current mattress. You could add some plywood between the bed frame and the actual mattress. Doing so would keep it straight and not loose. You could also transfer your mattress to the floor and have that as your support.

When you’re sleeping on your back, try to put a pillow at the back of your knees and when you’re sleeping on your side, then you should put a pillow between your knees. Doing so would allow you more support and it will make you feel comfortable, as well.

To help maintain the curve in your back while sleeping, try a rolled-up towel, wrapped around your waist and tied in front.

If you want to maintain a curved stance for your back, then you should try wrapping a rolled-up towel around your waist and tying it in front, like a belt. The bulge made by the towel would keep your back curved, as long as you lie on your back.

Lie down and get up responsibly

You should remember not to abruptly push yourself off of bed when you wake up. Doing so would make rapid changes in the flow of your blood, as well as your blood pressure, heart rate and sense of balance. You could get dizzy from a benign positional vertigo, or the sudden change in your blood flow could either raise or decrease your blood pressure below your normal range. There could lead to many consequences to your health.

  1. When you rise out of bed, first turn in a side-lying position near the edge of the bed. You should then bend both of your knees, then push yourself up not in a brisk fashion. While doing this, swing your legs over the edge of the bed until they have touched the floor. Don’t bend your body in any way as it can be uncomfortable.
  2. When you lie down, you should first sit on the side of the bed, minding the distance between your head and your pillow. With your hands supporting you, bend your knees and raise them up until your whole body is already on your mattress. Don’t plop yourself on the pillow; bring yourself down in an unhurried fashion and you’ll be ready for sleep.

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