Lucid Dreaming: The Waking Dream and How to Control Your Dreams for Self-Realization

The ancient Greeks and Egyptians understood the waking dream that we call lucid dreamiLucid dreamingng.  Aristotle wrote about it.  The people in the East encourage dreamers to be aware of their dreams.  It is fundamental with the Tibetan Buddhist and dream Yoga.  The ancient Hindus practiced Yoga Nidra in India.  Nidra is the Hindu Goddess of Sleep.  The use and being aware of the experience was common for early Buddhists.  All ancient cultures knew and still know today that we are more than a body.  The West is slowly catching up.

Do you ever ask wLucid dreaming hen in bed, Am I asleep and dreaming?  You might not arrive at the right deduction.  This can happen to people who are actively pursuing lucid dreams but it can also happen unexpectedly to those having no intent on lucid dreaming.

It seems like a dichotomy to me—you might be aware that you are dreaming or you might not be.  It would variate from one person to another and you too.

Experts agree that everyone has the potential to lucid dream.  However, only a small number of people learn how to do it on a regular basis

What is Lucid Dreaming?

I always want to first know what words mean.  Lucid means many things:  well-structured, thought through, rational, sane, and sober.  Lucid dreaming is where you are aware—and aware means you are awake and attentive to reality.

This can be a dim awareness of something or a wide-range perception.  The lucid dream normally happens when you are in the middle (how do we know it’s the middle?) of a dream and consciously know that.  This is a dream-initiated lucid dream.  When you enter a dream with no loss in consciousness you are having a wake-initiated lucid dream.  Whichever way you get there, both dream states are emotional and more disturbing than your regular dreams.  I can do both and I don’t like it because the insanity of the dreams is pervasive and never understood even when I remember them in the morning.

What’s Happening?

Okay, so now you are in a lucid dream that your waking consciousnesses is aware of and gets involved in the dream.  Here’s what you can do when you wake up inside your dream that’s been done forever.  You can be inside this videogame where you are the actor—and all those people in your dream are you—and direct it where you want it to go.

You can change the people, events, places, and the circumstances of the dream.  It all feels strange when we realize we are dreaming.  I’ve often wondered if life is a dream and when we die we will wake up.

If you think you’re experiencing sleep paralysis seeing hallucinations, read here.


Discover your dreams with clear sight.  All that you see, touch, taste, hear, and smell (our 5 senses) seem as real as our waking state.  What an astonishing place to be.

  • Go anywhere, climb any mountain, fly, travel through time to the past or future, and visit people.
  • Meet your fears face-to-face. In this place you can overcome fears, anxieties, worries, and find ways to solve them.
  • The creative realm is out there among the stars too. Our recent history knows many of them:  Albert Einstein, physicist; Elias Howe, sewing machine; Paul McCartney, music; Srinivasa Ramanujan, Indian mathematician; Thomas Edison, electricity; and Dr. Frederick Banting discovered insulin in his dream and the list goes on.  Find your creative nature and discover more of who you are.

Lucid dreaming

Defining Lucid Dreaming

Researchers have used brainwave, blood flow and eye movement data to confirm higher levels of consciousness during lucid dreams.  Lucid dreams tell us that the night-time wonders might explain astral projection or abductions by extra-terrestrials.  It seems we need to recognize that lucid dreams are a separate state of consciousness.  You can experience 360-degree vision, multiple simultaneous dreams, and even visual representations of the fifth dimension.  It takes place in your mind so the possibilities are infinite without boundaries or limitations and all that you conceive comes true.

The frontal and frontal lateral are the areas of the brain for dreaming.  Higher mental functions are here with linguistic thought leading to self-awareness.  At this time, you interact with other parts of your psyche.

How to Control Your Dreams

As soon as you know you are dreaming you have become lucid and can control it.  Rather than just observing the dream, become conscious of the dream environment so that it’s easier for you to manipulate.

  • You will use your willpower just like when you are awake in life. If you want to float, then will it to happen.
  • Aloud state your desire that will empower your dream with your words. You might want to be the lottery winner, the flood survivor, or the first person to go to Mars.

It takes a few weeks to learn to do this because it’s new where your unconscious and conscious bump into each other.  When you are fully lucid, you will have much control over lucid dreaming.  Or, you can just watch and observe the movie like most of us do each time we dream.  To perfect the experience, you must first make it real in your mind for it to happen in your lucid dream.

Staying Lucid

Novice lucid dreamers will be disappointed that their lucid dreams end too soon.  Being exciting, that will cause you to wake up out of it.  Simply try to forget you are dreaming.  The brain works differently when sleeping and easier to forget.

Keep calm and focused in your dreamland so that your lucid dreams will be more lasting.  We always want to be physically grounded, and when dreaming remember to stay mentally grounded as well.  A way to prolong your dream is to rub your hands together and say to yourself, I am dreaming.  The moving sensation will encourage your conscious brain putting awareness to your dreaming body and not to your sleeping physical body.  You can experience your lucid dreams for an hour doing these things.

Call on Dream People

You can call together people you know whether they have passed on or are living.  They can be real or something imaginary.  You will need to intensify your lucidity.  Visualize the person you want to see and expect the manifestation by asking the dream aloud to do so.

You can ask for things you might be afraid to ask such as: let me see myself in 10 years, show me my perfect partner, or show me society in 15 years—anything you want to know and see while you are awake.  These wishes are acceptable when you are lucid dreaming.

Changing the Landscape, Environment, or Surroundings

Transforming the dream scene can be hard to do sometimes.  The reason is that your conscious self doesn’t really count on it happening since that is a waking life happening.  This is a mental block that occurs with beginners because it takes more self-confidence when in a lucid state.

Lucid dreaming

Don’t be disheartened.  Lucid dreamers have been doing this and offer some ways to accoLucid dreaming mplish it.

  • Walk through a dream door that is in the middle of your landscape and enter another world.
  • Enter a liquid type of mirror portal that takes you into another dimension and be anywhere you have chosen to be.
  • Change your TV Channel and then enter the screen to have the image be 3D around you.
  • Turn around and conjure up a new location behind you and when you turn back around all will be different.
  • Spin around and see a new image when you stop spinning.

Your conscious mind and expectations play a most important part in controlling your dreams.  You can dream up even more creative illuminations for flying, visiting other countries, and beckon even dinosaurs to appear.

Final Thoughts

Calmness is key to lucid dreaming.  Have a relaxing foot massage to unwind before going to bed. This will synchronize your body and mind and strengthen your vital forces.  Even a warm foot spa bath will have you loosen up to settle in for the night.

Whatever will work to send you into lucid dreaming is beneficial.  And you never know—the person you are trying to find might be trying to find you.  Happy lucid dreaming!

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