Natural Sleep Aids While Pregnant

Natural Sleep Aids While Pregnant

When it comes to pregnancy, a woman can become really caught up with all the hormones and all the different states she’ll be in. A boatload of changes can come when it comes to bearing a child in your womb and you won’t be able to stay relaxed all the time.

Maybe you’ll be going to the bathroom more frequently than usual and when you do feel the most urges to pee, it’s during the wee hours of the night. Most likely, you’ll be having a hard time catching up with your much needed sleep.

So, how are you going to keep up with everything that’s happening to you and get a good night’s rest? Well, there are non-medicinal methods on how you could catch some Z’s, a drug-free regimen that would let you keep you and your baby’s health while getting your rest at the same time.

Have a good sleep hygiene

Have a good sleep hygiene

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Being able to set a standard for yourself when it comes to sleep would allow you to condition your body more for relaxation. You would essentially train your consciousness and your physicality to prepare itself when it’s time for you to sleep.

You should start by getting yourself into the habit of going to bed at a specific time, which is ideally not after 10pm. Your body and mind should know that it’s time to relax and replenish the energy expended for the day.

The next thing that you should do is to maintain dimmed lighting conditions in your room. You don’t want to sleep with an overhead light or a lamp focusing on your eyes. You should know that your eyelids are thin. Even when closed, when light touches your eyelids, the radiance can still penetrate it and let your pupils constrict, as if you were still wide awake. The pupils of your eyes need to have time to dilate after an entire day of being exposed to environmental light.

When you get to bed, try to refrain from watching anything on your gadgets or television. When you condition yourself to sleep, you don’t want to think about the late night news or that romantic scene from a movie. These thoughts would prevent your mind from being still.

And when it comes to waking up during the day, you don’t want to oversleep. An eight-hour rest should be good enough to not let you become too lazy to get up. In order to achieve this, you’ll need to make way for natural light to enter your room when the day comes. The sun will already be bright at 6:30-7am, so you should wake up by then, if you have slept early.

Being able to maintain these habits would allow you to regulate your sleep/wake cycle, effectively making you more in control of your body.

More ways to help you sleep

If the techniques mentioned above aren’t quite getting you the right balance in order for you to get some sleep, then you should try other ways that could help you. Remember that the methods here don’t require you to take any medicine, as any medicine may be harmful to the health of your baby.

First, you should try to drink a cup of herbal tea one hour before going to bed. Some aromatic teas like oatstraw, catnip and chamomile are great for inducing sleep. There are many health food shops that sell these bags of crushed tea leaves, so you should be able to get it easily.

Proteins could also help you to prime your stomach to a well-rounded digestion process. Have a protein snack like any white meat, or nuts. They should keep your glycemic levels stable, which should help you not to wake up starving in the morning. You’d really be stressed if you get up to a hunger pang.

But try not to eat a lot before sleeping. Don’t give in to late night snacks as it could lead to indigestion, heartburn and difficulty of breathing because of the amount of food in your stomach and the baby that also resides in that area.

Don’t think too much about the process of getting yourself some sleep. As easily as you could get yourself into the routine of not sleeping early, you could also easily immerse yourself in a new habit. It’s helpful.

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