Sleep Better ISO-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow, Gusseted Side Sleeper
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The kind of pillow you have sometimes dictates the kind of sleeping you are getting. If you have noticed that your sleep has not been great of late, then it must be because your pillows are no longer as comfortable and as supportive as before. When this happens, it means that it is about time you find the right pillow that will not only give you comfort, but will also provide pain relief.

The current trend in the market points out to memory foam pillows as the best provider of cushioning, comfort, and support. This is evident in the fact, not only pillows are shifting to this kind of material. Currently, memory foam is now the material of choice by a wide variety of people.

The Sleep Better ISO-Cool Memory Foam Pillow, Gusseted Side Sleeper promises to make your night as inviting than ever before. With the kind of support, cushioning, and pain relief it provides, your sleeping time will only become something you will be really looking forward to after a day’s work.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Resistant to Allergens
  • Uses Zippers for Ease of Access
  • Gusseted Pattern makes the pillow ideal for side sleepers
  • Keeps Temperature Moderate
  • ISO-Cool Material has patents
  • High-quality and plush materials


Adaptive Comfort

This pillow is one sleek and sophisticated product. It uses what the company calls PCM beads that somehow help regulate the pillow’s temperature. This is significant because traditionally, memory foams are noted as heat insulators. With the use of this technology, the pillow keeps the user cool in hot conditions while it becomes warm when the situation calls for it. It automatically adjusts itself for the user’s comfort.

Ease of Access

The use of zippers makes cleaning a convenience. Instead of having to wrestle the pillow to the ground every time it needs to be cleaned, you can easily get it out of the cover using the zipper. The zipper also makes sure that the cover will last for a reasonably long time.


The dimensions and the design of the pillow show that it is intended for side sleepers. However, it has been proven to be just as good when sleeping on your stomach or on your back. This pillow still provides support and cushioning when utilized by a stomach or a back sleeper. The support and softness that are needed for a wide variety of sleepers are present. It is just a very versatile pillow.

Made in the US

Aside from the cover, everything else is made in the US. Memory foams made in the US and Europe are considered by experts as the best options as these have met far higher standards than from those coming from other locations.



This is a downside that practically comes with all products using memory foams. The smell can be found in mattresses, toppers, pads, and also in pillows. As always manufacturers would suggest that airing it out is the best way to solve this issue. You can simply open your windows and door to allow air to circulate or as in the case with memory foam pillows, you can also clean it before airing it out.

Takes a Long Time to Air Out

The standard practice of eliminating the odor may not work very well with this pillow. Airing it out usually removes the odor after a day or two. There are those who have experienced the pillow’s strong smell even after 4 days of airing out. In this case, washing the pillow would be the best option before airing it out or spraying it with Lysol can also help.


The patented ISO-Cool technology is making some headway in the memory foam business. More than the technology itself, people are looking for this kind of pillow because of the kind of support, cushioning, and softness that can really translate into a restful sleep at night.

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