The Link between A Mattress and Back Pain

Sleep is a restorative cycle that is necessary in one’s lifestyle. With better sleep quality, a person can enjoy psychological healing and physiological repair. However, in a recent study conducted, it has been known that a great majority suffers from sleep deficiency. The average sleeping cycle is between 7 to 9 hours and having less shuteye would impact one’s health negatively. While there are a lot of reasons for the lack of sleep, studies show that bedding systems also take part in the tossing and turning at night.

Choose The Right Mattress Firmness For Proper Back

A bedding system is composed of pillows, a mattress and sometimes a blanket that provide comfort and support. When one or both of these are absent, the user is expected to lose sleep, even when he is in bed at 10 PM every night. Given that you spend the better half of your day lying in bed, it is crucial to invest in the best mattresses and pillows to alleviate the stress gathered throughout the day and free them as you sleep.

Back Pain and your Bedding System

What constitutes a great bedding system? In choosing pillows, mattresses, toppers and other accessories, it is best to go for the sweet spot between firmness and softness. While fluffy pillows and soft mattresses are great for a comfortable night, these materials lack adequate support for your body. Your head and back, especially the spine, won’t naturally be aligned throughout the night, resulting in stiffness in the morning. Going for firmness will also tense your muscles since your body won’t be comfortable. A balance of softness and firmness will keep your body aligned, preventing pain and discomfort for better shuteye.


It has been known that poor sleeping surfaces contribute to, not just discomfort, but also pain in the back. You might complain about chronic back pain because of your work schedule and stiff chair, but the truth is, the firm mattress you lie on is also a culprit. A comparative study done in America concluded that test subjects sleep better on new bedding systems than their own beds. This is surprising, since people expect the majority to be comfortable in their own beds as opposed to unfamiliar ones. However, it has been made clear that sagging or too firm beds cause sleep fragmentation and lower sleep efficiency. Old bedding is also linked to back pain since the body couldn’t be comfortable and well-supported anymore. If the only thing that has been keeping you from chucking your old beds is familiarity, it is best to favor your body’s needs over nostalgia.

How to Fix Back Pain

Sleep-related back pain is easily recognized when you wake up at night feeling stiff or sore in the back. Instead of applying a temporary solution, such as a massage or pain relievers, it is best to pick a new bedding that fits your needs. If you weigh heavily, it is best to get a mattress with firmer support. Soft mattresses should be avoided, especially when you let your baby sleep on your bed. The unsupportive surface might cause the baby to dip down and suffocate when you are not looking.

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Visiting a doctor is also recommended if you have chronic back pain. While your mattress is not the main problem, it can also contribute to it. The doctor would be able to check if you have other health problems that need addressing, sleep-related or otherwise.

If you have a fairly new mattress, but you are not entirely comfortable with its softness or firmness, replacing it is a wise decision. Why prolong the suffering just because it is still new? However, if you have a tight budget, it is best to consider buying a mattress topper. This material is fitted on top of your mattress and can function as a bed cover, but with density. In choosing a mattress topper, you are faced with 2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch options. While the 2-inch toppers are inexpensive, they feature less support. The 3-inch toppers are the most popular among the three, while the 4-inch toppers are highly recommended for users. Mattress toppers are available in natural latex and memory foam. Each foam has its own pros and cons, so you better read about them before going shopping.

Aiming for a stress-free body is not just about a healthy diet and daily exercise. If you want to de-stress every night, it is important to secure a great bedding system to improve your restorative cycle, which is sleep. Be aware of the signs that tell you if your body struggles painfully at night. Act on measures to decrease stress, so you can have the proper shuteye you need. Lastly, always remember that ignoring your body’s needs will have negative impacts on your lifestyle. Bear in mind that optimal comfort can result in excellent rest.

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