The Pros and Cons of Using Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper is a bedding accessory that is placed on top of a mattress or used separately on the ground. This material is helpful when you have a sagging mattress or if it is not firm enough to your liking. Instead of replacing the whole mattress, you can invest in a mattress topper and fix sleep issues in a jiffy. Mattress toppers are available in various sizes (king-sized, queen-sized, etc.) and crafted from durable materials.

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Depending on the quality of your mattress topper, you can enjoy its benefits for years. However, it is not just the brand that you should be wary of. Knowing the small details of your mattress topper can also help you maximize its use and lifespan. In comparison, memory foam mattress toppers are favorites among families decorating their new home.

What is special about memory foam?

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You might ask why some people prefer memory foam than other compounds. This visco elastic foam was synthesized by NASA in the 1980S using a series of chemicals. It was initially used to improve aircraft safety, but manufacturers found it to be a great material for bedding systems specifically for pillows, mattresses and mattress toppers.

Memory foam is heat-sensitive, so it molds according to the user’s body for better support. It also has unique characteristics that make it superior to other compounds, especially in the durability department. If the government is impressed with the memory foam, it won’t be hard for families to appreciate and be familiar with it as well.

The Advantages of Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

A memory foam mattress topper is a best-seller for a lot of reasons. Here are the following facts that would justify a purchase:

  • If you have a mattress that is too firm to be comfortable, a memory foam mattress topper would be a cheaper alternative than replacing the whole thing. You can choose between 2-inch toppers and 4-inch toppers to accommodate your support and comfort requirements.
  • Memory foam provides pressure point relief, thanks to its temperature-sensitive characteristics. It molds naturally to one’s body shape so there’s won’t be any strain on any body part at nighttime.
  • If you have a mattress that is average in terms of quality, topping it off with a memory foam cover would immediately increase comfort and other sleeping benefits. You don’t need to buy an expensive mattress to secure quality sleep.
  • Whether you use it in your home or outdoors, the foam topper will make a comfortable bed space. This is handy for camping and inside motor homes or caravans.
  • If you always feel stiff or sore in the morning, chances are your bed is not enough to support your back. A high-density memory foam topper will save you from the aches, as well as a trip to the doctor.
  • Memory foam mattress toppers come in standard sizes, so fitting them in your mattress won’t be a trouble. A perfect fit is also guaranteed, keeping the topper from moving while you are lying on it.
  • People who are confined to beds would need a comfortable and soft surface that will not leave them aching. Buying a new mattress is such a hassle when a memory foam mattress topper is available. This product prevents sores and lasts long.

The Drawbacks of Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Just like any other product, a memory foam mattress topper also has its own share of flaws. Bear these facts in mind before deciding to buy some:

  • A memory foam mattress topper could not save a sagging mattress. The topper’s quality is affected by its foundation, so it is best to skip this purchase if you really need to replace a mattress.
  • You would need to research more about memory foam toppers if you want the best for your sleeping needs. Some come as dust mite-free, while others are just plain hypoallergenic. Toppers with thicker densities would be best for heavyweight users, while petite ones can work with 2-inch topper options. There won’t be a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • The life of a memory foam mattress topper is not as long as the mattress’. It would need to be replaced after a few years, depending on its use.
  • Always read the label regarding memory foam caution. While some are marketed as flame-retardant, most of the chemicals used in memory foam are still flammable.
  • When new, memory foam mattress toppers might have a nasty smell, due to the chemicals of the foam compound. It would need airing before it can be used.


It is without a doubt that a memory foam mattress topper exceeds consumer expectations in terms of support, comfort and durability. However, you are also dealing with increased health risks. Always read the label and choose a product that abides by the requirements implemented by manufacturing control groups.

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