Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep with Stomach Sleeper Position

Sleeping on the stomach may be a natural thing for you. You may see other people do it, or you may be a person that is focused on sleeping on your stomach. But this sleeping position is actually one that people perceive as comfortable. It is actually not recommended to sleep in this position because your spine will not get the rest that it needs, your neck will be turned sideways in an extreme way, and some of your vital organs—such as your lungs and stomach—might be strained because of all the weight that’s pressing onto them.

Stomach Sleeper Position

But if you really are comfortable when it comes to sleeping on your stomach, then it is recommended to find a support mechanism that will lessen or prevent any strain or discomfort in your spine and your vital organs. A pillow will be able to help you get through the night well. Suffice it to say that people who are stomach sleepers actually have to wake up to shift positions because they cannot shift easily with their whole body flat in a prone position and their neck turned sideways.

It is important to get a pillow for support

Finding the right pillow to support you as you sleep in the prone position would allow you to feel more comfortable during your times of rest. You would need a pillow that has just the right texture for your whole body to ease up when your head is lying on it. A pillow that is too thick, too hard or too soft would mean a shift in your positioning and your bodily posture. You don’t want your back to be hunched as you sleep or your neck to be strained because it would mean pain for you in the morning.

You would want to find a solid, yet comfortable pillow on which to rest your head because your spine, your stomach and your chest would be greatly affected if you have a pillow that doesn’t meet your needs. You may want it to be soft yet sturdy or just right because your weight may just render the pillow useless.

The pillow that’s just right

There are actually pillows that are meant for stomach sleepers. They would also work well for back and side sleepers, but they look and feel like they’re optimized for those who sleep on their stomach. You must remember that the thickness and the integrity of the foam of the pillow would need to blend well in order to provide a solid foundation on which to rest your head.

You would need your head, your neck and your spine to be in a proper line when you rest on the pillow. That would give you the best sleeping conditions. There are many types of pillows; there are those that are made with memory foam, gel and buckwheat. Some even have water as the cushion. It is great to know that these examples are the ones that work really well for stomach sleepers. They do not easily lose their structural integrity over time, which is great for long-term support during your resting moments.

Choose a slim version of a memory pillow

chossing side, back and stomach sleeper pillows

Most pillows are very fluffy at first glance, and when they are used they can even be very comfortable, but they might lose their integrity quite fast. It can be tricky to find the best support pillow for you if you’re a stomach sleeper.

But a memory foam pillow can help you with that. Maybe you can observe that most memory foam products are thick. Thankfully, these pillows have slim versions, so you are going to want to choose that version instead. They would be able to provide you with great comfort throughout your sleeping time. Don’t worry about feeling a little uncomfortable with the choice of getting a slim version because it is meant for your optimum comfort, after all.

Memory pillows aren’t the only ones that are useful

You can make use of a variety of pillows that are proven effective in correcting your positon when you sleep on your stomach. The ones that have water-filled cores are great because they can be adjusted to achieve the level of plush comfort that you desire. So you will be able to get the perfect height of this pillow that would provide you with the ideal comfort. Any positon would also benefit from this one.

Pillows that are made from buckwheat or gel have cores that are removable. You can also adjust the height level of these pillows, optimizing your level of comfort, as well. They might not have the capability to conform to the natural shape and position of your head, but you can customize the thickness and the height at the same time, so they’re great ways to enjoy sleeping on your stomach.

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