What are The Best Clothes to Sleep in?

Most people dress to impress or make a statement, but how many are actually particular about clothes for sleeping? In fact, undressing for sleep is becoming a favorite because of the health benefits it brings. Studies show that sleeping in the nude would tap one’s inner innocence and bring out a sense of freedom that cannot be released during our waking times. It is true that people let their guard down at night when they sleep, without any pressure to prove something. This means that one can wear anything he/she wants in bed.

the best clothes to sleep in

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In an interesting survey, it was discovered that women are 4 times more likely to wear night gowns or pajamas than the men. Some of the reasons why they put effort include dressing up for their partner or wanting to feel sexy in bed. On the other hand, men are known to sleep nude twice more than the women. Aside from the sense of freedom it brings, it saves them the time (and the laundry) of picking clothes to wear to sleep.

While there is no right and wrong about what to wear for bedtime, it does raise a question about the importance of bedclothes. Are they worthy of being worn, or are just a waste of materials?

Why Wear Bedclothes?

Why Wear BedclothesThere are a lot of reasons to wear bedclothes, but the most important one is comfort. If your bed feels rough to the skin, a set of good bedclothes would still secure a good night’s sleep. It keeps you covered from the cold, but not too covered to restrict breathability. A good set of sleepwear will also set your mind to relax, allowing you to sleep faster at night. Bedclothes still impose a perception, but not one to impress, but to rest.

If you are scheduled to shop for bedclothes, take a look at a few tips below to maximize the value of your money. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of sleepwear available in the market, but with the right knowledge, you can take home a good pair to make your sleep better than before.

Clothing Factors to Consider for Sleeping


Wearing heavy clothes while sleeping should be avoided. Thick materials rub hard on the bed, which is why more physical effort is required to move around. When you wake up, you will find yourself tired, even after a good sleep. The heavy burden also causes muscle distress, no matter how minor. In addition, fabrics crafted from synthetic fiber and wool are linked to neurological disorders, irritation and decreased immunity because of the chemical presence. Moisture management is also a problem when wearing thick bedclothes.

When choosing a set of bedclothes, it is best to go for airy and soft fabrics. Opt for natural materials because they have a high level of breathability and moisture management. Silk and cotton bedclothes are popular choices because they are not irritating to the skin and provide a soft feel in general.


In art class, people are taught about colors and how they affect perception. This philosophy can also be applied during bedtime. Bold colors, like orange, yellow and red stimulate one’s awareness and keep you alert as long as you are seeing them. Yellow and red also increase one’s appetite, so think twice before you prepare your red nightgown for a sexy night. It will be harder to relax with bold colors grabbing your attention.

Dark colors are commonly popular, since it mimics the night. However, studies show that dark coloring often contain harmful chemicals that increase health risks, like cancer. The best way to go is to choose elegant colors, like beige or pale pink. They are bright, yet not too bold to make you anxious.


A wide selection of bedclothes is available in the market categorized by type. When you want to purchase one, it is highly recommended to avoid instant dresses. An instant dress has a unibody design, which means that you get everything covered with a single piece. No matter how convenient it is, you might find it difficult to move around them, especially when changing your sleeping position. Unless you want a nightgown, it is best to opt for separate pieces for bedtime.

A two-piece pajama set will do you good in the long run. It would be easier to sleep and move in them. It is also more airy, since airflow is not restricted to certain points. You can mix and match your pajamas, so you won’t need to purchase more.


While a nightgown is straightforward with occasional lacing, pajamas tend to have more extras. Some pajamas are sewn with a hat, while collars are becoming a common sight. It is best to avoid such extras when choosing bedclothes because these folds will squash or rub your neck when you are sleeping. It will result in poor blood circulation and a stiff neck in the morning.

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