Why We Should Go to Sleep on Time?

Have you ever wondered why you wake up feeling tired even after going to bed early? Yeah, that’s right. It is not only the late sleepers who feel exhausted in the morning. Apparently, it is all down to your wrong timing of when to go to bed.

There is a common notion that getting more sleep hours is the key to a refreshing morning in the office. No, it’s more complex than that. It has everything to do with sleep cycles and not more sleeping hours. If you wake up during the wrong sleep cycle, then you definitely will feel tired.

So, Why We Should Go to Sleep on Time? Or what is the right time to go to sleep? We have all the answers to these fundamental questions in today’s post. Read on and find out the benefits you accrue by going to bed at the right time.

why we should go to sleep on time

When Is the Right Time to Sleep?

The right time to go to bed depends on the time that you need to wake up. For this, different people have varying needs, hence the various waking up times. There are those who wish to wake up early, say at 6 am, then there are those who wake up at 7 am.

Then we have those with no apparent hurry to wake up at 8 am.  All of these different types of people will have to sleep at different times so as to wake up refreshed for the day ahead. To help you figure all these out, there are several sleep calculators online that you can use.

In order to make sure that you are up and about at 7 am, you need to hit the sack at either 9.46 pm or 11.16 pm. If you don’t fancy going to bed that early, then 12.46 am and 2.16 am are great alternatives. Of course, there is always the standard 14 minutes it takes you to fall asleep being factored in.

For those planning to wake up at 6 am, then an 8.46 pm, 10.16 pm, 11.46 pm or a 1.16 am bedtime would be appropriate. What of those who wake up at 8 am? You need to go to bed at 10.46 pm, 12.16 am, 1.46 am or 3.16 am.

why we should go to bed on time

As long as you have the main necessities to enjoy quality sleep which include among others a memory foam pillow, you should comfortably enjoy the recommended 8 hours of sleep. You can plan your sleep such that you get the recommended hours and still wake up fresher than ever.

Why We Should Go to Sleep on Time

Being awake until the wee hours of the nights comes at a hefty cost for you. But if you ditch or minimize this night owl-like habit, there are surprising (some not so surprising) benefits you will experience.

1. You Worry Less During the Day

Do we all remember when our Moms would tell us to sleep as everything would be alright come morning? It used to work, right? It turns out, someone who goes to bed on time becomes less likely to have overwhelming negative thoughts during the day.

According to studies, sleep cycle disruption is linked to pessimistic thoughts in an individual. Having a good night’s sleep helps alleviate all these thoughts, making you better at problem-solving. You are also capable of keeping your emotions in check.

2. Enough Sleep Eliminates Stress, Irritability and Short-Temper

Have you been wondering why you don’t get along so well with colleagues at work? It could probably be down to sleeping late or having uncomfortable sleep due to lack of a perfect mattress topper. Waking up mid sleep cycle always has that effect on you that makes you short tempered, stressed or easily irritated.

The result is things flying off handle in a dime. You end up getting into misunderstandings and spats with those surrounding you. Getting a good rest at night is the best way of recalibrating your baseline. At work, you would feel optimistic, more tolerant, relaxed and patient with others.

3. You Would Maintain a Healthy Memory

Daniel Levitin in his book “The Organized Mind”, explains in detail how sleep plays a crucial role in consolidating your memories. He further explains how lack of adequate sleep for up to three nights after an experience makes you unable to accurately remember those events.

It is for this reason that it becomes paramount for children to get quality sleep so as not to compromise on their development. Sleeping at the right time is the best way of cementing new information into the brain’s neural architecture. This is so that one doesn’t forget them.

4. It Reduces the Risk of Cancer in Women

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), doing shift work is classified as a Class 2A carcinogen. Studies conducted show that women who go for night shift works experience an increased probability of developing breast cancer.

What happens is that night shift work disrupts the body’s natural production of melatonin. This component is known to be a natural anti-oxidant capable of reducing estrogen levels in the body. Very high estrogen levels in the body puts women at a higher risk of breast cancer.

The WHO also finds a correlation between low weight babies being born to pregnant women who work at night. These findings are based on studies conducted in Denmark and Finland.

5. Makes You More Productive While at Work

Most of us have probably been here at some point. After staying up late at night, the next day you find yourself staring blankly in space or at a report that you should have filed hours ago. In other cases, your mind drifts off into wonder land instead of doing some productive work.

This is because insufficient sleep disrupts your cognition skills, even making it harder for your brain to concentrate and remember stuff. In more extreme cases, disrupted Rapid Eye Movement cycle of sleep (when you dream) thwarts your ability to think creatively.

To be well prepared for the next day’s unfinished business, get your snooze time right. As a result, your brain would get the boost it needs to tackle your daily work responsibilities.

6. Enough Sleep Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight

Research has it that the lesser sleep you get, the more overweight you are likely to become. Are you wondering how this comes about? People who are deprived of enough sleep tend to be less energetic. In return, they can neither exercise nor make healthy choices when it comes to food.

Worse still, studies show that by staying up late, you would instinctively end up eating more. After 8 pm, the human body is somehow wired to prefer sugary, salty or fatty foods. Therefore, if you stay late up to 4 am, you would take up more calories than those who go to bed at 10 pm.

This means that going to bed right on time in a way helps you maintain a healthy body weight.

7. Inadequate Sleep Impairs Immune System

Getting only four hours of sleep a night reduces your immune system’s capabilities by about 70 percent. It makes it harder for your body to synthesize carbohydrates as well as experiencing blood sugar dyregulation.  Adequate sleep in a way boosts your immune system, making you less susceptible to diseases.


There are endless reasons why you should sleep on time. Whatever might be keeping you up so late can probably wait until you wake up. You would be feeling refreshed and ready to tackle them. In the long run, your body and brain will reward you for your efforts.

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